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Joanna Haughton has been immersed in the music industry since 2012 managing recording artists, owning recording studio Premier Pittsburgh and RepPittsburghHipHop.con owner. Currently she is the creative director of Grind Mode Music Worldwide, Grind Mode Business Solutions, Grind Mode Radio Live and the proud owner of her own production company, Her Vision Media. Understanding the need for professional, consistent and timely content as an artist manager, RPHH website owner and studio owner Joanna set her sights on learning her way around a camera. Her passion for videography and photography was born shortly after. Determined to become proficient in photo and video content creation, she acquired a camera, asked other masters in her field a lot of questions, did countless hours of study on YouTube university learning editing software/affects creation and lastly 1000's of hours on set growing her skill set. Completely self taught, Joanna has remained dedicated to becoming a master in her craft. Working as creative director of Grind Mode Business Solutions has inspired her to broaden her scope of services to include website design, brochures, business cards, flyers, commercials, menus and all other branding positioning herself to accommodate all of their corporate client's needs. Recently, Joanna has been editing and included in the production team for the reality show Smokey Business which airs on Pittsburgh's CW. Joanna is also shooting and editing the upcoming reality show, Life in Grind Mode, which showcases the companies' CEO Dion Dupree and the rest of the administrative team including herself.  


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